Top Retailers trust 3D cloud

The Charge team partnered with the industry leader in 3D asset management, 3D Cloud. This secure, enterprise, and fully-scalable platform has thousands of users and years of focused investment in the platform.

3D Cloud Clients
Chairs, cabinet, all rendered in 3D

one platfoRm for every 3d app across the enterprise

One platform across every 3D app across the enterprise. Marxent’s 3D Cloud provides:

  • Scaleable, secure, and extensible
  • Optimized for speed and fidelity
  • Host 3D assets in the cloud across categories

full-scale 3D product visualization Services

3D Cloud is the preferred 3D product visualization platform used by enterprise, home improvement, and furniture retailers like Lowe’s Home Improvement, Ashley HomeStore, and Macy’s.


Infinite SKUs

Manage complex catalogs without sacrificing speed or quality. Bulk import meshes, materials, and product data with ease.

3d-content-management-icon (1)
3D Content Management

Distribute 3D assets across channels and applications. Manage systems integrations.

3D Analytics

Measure app performance, user journeys, and optimize performance.

ENTERPRISE Security & Compliance

3D Cloud’s comprehensive approach to security and privacy means using the latest technology and techniques to secure the platform, as well as putting organizational tools and controls in place to ensure that all employees are committed to the security and privacy of customer data.

The 3D Cloud works with leading third-party auditing firms for the regular, independent assessment of all controls, ensuring that our security is consistently maintained and regularly enhanced to meet the latest standards.

Achieving this requires an intelligent, layered approach, including:

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Software services
  • Data persistence
  • External interfaces
  • Service change control
  • Service support

partNership with advantage

While many partnerships are not much more then a logo on a page, the Magnetic-Marxent partnership goes much deeper. A over a decade long partnership in innovation and customer service, centered around the 3D experience.